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Doom'd Marine

problems with Zdoomgl...

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well i was testing out Zdoomgl for the first time, i do what i usually do, i put a copy of my Iwad ( to keep it in my doom 2 folder ._. ) and i boot it up, but when i do, the screen for the console runs fine but the screens blacks out till i exit the program.. is there a fix for this?

EDIT: I decided to give it another try, Because i seen what it can do and decided that it be nice to give it a try.

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Which ZdoomGL are you trying to use? There have been 2 reasonably distinct ZdoomGLs. The first one by Kokak was based off Zdoom 1.22 (IIRC) and was pretty fully featured but very unstable. Then there is the newer one by timmie which is based off the more recent Zdoom 2.0.* versions although it was a more stable engine, based on a newer Zdoom, it never got to a point where it supported all the OpenGL features that the first oone did. Timmie has now moved on and is working on a more advanced ZdoomGL (still based off current Zdoom versions). Then there is GZdoom which is an OpenGL port based on the current Zdoom.

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