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Excersizing your creativity for DOOM mods

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Use your creativity and post innotavite ideas for DOOM mods (you can joke but not silly jokes, a max of 3 ideas per post, things that could be done in DOOM, and please don't extend much). Here's my try.

-You play as a frog, you can jump higher and use your tongue to capture insects, may be spit some slime, and whatnot, you must fight your way to rescue your family that was captured by a stupid kid. In your journey you encounter insects of diferent kind (some agressive, some not), other frogs, a dog (scaled to look giant), you see some humans in the distance, and the kid at the end.

-Tom & Jerry DOOM (one map you play as Tom, the other as Jerry).

-Duck Hunt DOOM, I know there's a flash game that uses DOOM weapons, but this one would play in the real game, with a railgun you must hunt the ducks.

Edit: before someone says "that aren't innovative ideas", I said "innovative ideas for DOOM mods", but use common sense don't start with "Evangelion DOOM" "Unreal DOOM", and so on.

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A Godzilla-type mod, where you play as a gigantic doomguy that has to defeat a Cyberdemon in a large city. Any stray shots directed at buildings will cause them to topple to the ground with smoke and explosions and stuff.

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I'm on the making of Lordi DooM.

(Lordi is a Monster Metal band with guys in monster costumes.)

In this mod, you play as the vocalist of Lordi, who has the same name as the band and who is a sandman under the command of the Master Sandman, and you must accomplish missions scaring people, fighting enforcers and eliminating the competence.

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