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I'm looking for a certain DM WAD I used to have.

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I don't remember much of it. But I do know that it was a set of levels made for Deathmatch. It would be impossible for me to explain the levels, except for one. I remember that one of the last levels of that WAD was one that had textures and music from Super Mario Bros. It was basically a DM level in the Mario world. Can someone please help me find it? I remember having alot of fun with it.

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Not sure. Didn't Sean White (NightFang, the first ZDaemon coder) originally work on some kind of Mario DOOM?

Try the idgames database search feature. You can type mario in there and seach using different parameters (either by the filename, title, or by what's in the text file.)

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Right, I already checked that. But the thing is, in that WAD only one level had the Mario textures. And I remember that the name of the WAD had nothing to do with Mario.

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