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Lordi DooM TC (or something)

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Ok... this is a new TC about the Monster Metal group, Lordi. It's based on different sources (one of them is Massmouth for the missions) and the band's videoclips, stuff, etcetera.
The weapons are firstly the kick-back punch and kick, Telekinetik powers (that push the enemy, useful for throwing into pits), Fire Breath (a pure flamethrower) and so on. (I've haven't thought of anything more.)
So the plot is: you're a sandman that lives in the world of Nightmares. Commanded by the Master Sandman, you accomplish missions to get his reputation.
Here I'll show you some screenies:
Two human soldiers going to be cooked.

Fire Breath in action. (The screenshot may be confusing, but it shows what the Fire breath does.)

Microsoft Corp. (Familiar? Massmouth Reference.)

Don't mind the level design. It isn't done yet.

Well... what do you think?

Oh, I almost forgot: I'm using WildWeasel's Zombiemans in ww_stranger.wad.

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