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CodeImp Please Read!

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Ok, if you recall, a while back I requested a DECORATE editor in Doom Builder. Well, I took it upon myself to make my own, and I was wondering if you would include it in future releases, as many people in the ZDoom community welcomed the idea, as it saves alot of time.

(i.e. Editing the map..... Saving....Close Doom Builder.... Opening XWE/Other..... Edit DECORATE.....Save.....Open Doom Builder.... Test.... ERROR!.....Repeat

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EDIT: However I seem to remember CodeImp saying he wasn't interested in adding any other utilities to DoomBuilder, a bunch of people wanted my (longdead) DeCorEd DECORATE editor beta added and he said he didnt want to add any other programs, he thinks everything should be separate instead of one bloated program (and I can't say I blame him, as happy as I was that people liked my program, I really didnt want it integrated with DB, nor did I think it would be a good idea)

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Doom builder is a level editor, and should remain one. DECORATE contains game data, not level data and shouldn't be edited by Doom builder.

EDIT: If you want an editor that will edit other data in the wad file you should try DeepSea or XWE, which are more like various-data-stored-in-wad-files-and-also-the-wad-structure editors.

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