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New Weapons?

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How do you make new weapons?

What map maker do you need and what art program do you need, i have paint shop pro and gimp 2

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Asking for map maker while talking about editing new weapons is kinda pointless.

Some things you have to understand:

1. Doom cannot have new weapons, unless you can mess up with the source, and you need to be pretty good at this; it seems that the source is very hard to understand at first and looks messed up.

2. If you prefer to edit/tweak existing *.exe with a program like DeHackEd, you'll be only allowed to change some properties of the existing weapons, maybe even leading to a feeling that you have brand new weapons.

3. If newly defined weapons are what you really need, you'll have to use ZDoom's unofficial build, or EDGE. Can't give any hints on the second one tho'.

The last part of your question reffering to weapon's appearances is really not my badge. Can't give you any accurate info on what utils are best to use.

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