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Importing RAW DATA into XWE?

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How do i Import RAW DATA into XWE like an image or something that i can define in the HIRESTEX lump. The problem I have is that the images i load into xwe are saved with the doom color palete, therefore ruining the point of my unreal type skybox. Help appreciated.

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Did you try "Load (raw data)" under the Entry menu?

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fiend-o-hell said:

how do make areas on a png image transparent?

If you are using PSP, when you save your file, pick options and choose to run the optimiser. You can set transparency there. With other tools, I don't know.

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It works, but for some reason the image is riddled with holes. Might not be particulary useful for weapon sprites. Do i use this method to control the amount of translucency too?

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