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DLL's loaded with DOOM3 Update 1.3

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Hi All,
I want to go back to orginal DOOM 3 so my saved games will open were I stopped. Does anyone know what files need to replaced with old ones which I was thinking were some DLL's.

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It's more than just "some DLLs". Changes to the registry are made, some pk4s are added, and I think the executable gets altered (not sure about this) when you patch doom3. If you wanna go back to an earlier version you are better off uninstalling, reinstalling and patching back up to whatever version you'd like to have (if applicable). Simply back up your save files before doing this.

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Thanks for answer - but what I did was uninstall, deleted directory, and went into registry and removed all references to doom. This did not help the change of the way Doom3 update 1.3 handles saves. When you open saves you are at the start arg! What I was thinking was DOOM 3 update put DLLs in Win 2000 directory that I need to delete so the re-install will put in the old files. Side issue is there a command you can use to fource the orginal disk to overwrite all files?

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