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Textures broken?

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Apparently Freedoom has stopped working with Eternity at some point, as it bombs out throwing texture errors, or so I was told by rf in #zdoom. Please do testing with BOOM-based ports to verify that the texture resources are in a universally acceptable format.

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Texture1 claims the following textures to be 64 pixels wide.


The Patches are only 48 pixels wide.

I twiddled those bits and Enternity seemed to like it much better.

?I don't know which levels use those textures?

They probably need to be checked for alignment issues.

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It's my fault: I was aware that the textures broke prboom and derivatives but I couldn't figure out why. The textures were being used in E1M1. I dropped them from the build because I couldn't fix them by the 0.4 deadline. However I understand they got into the Doom2 build as a result of an error. I've got "freedoom 0.5 roadmap" on my list-of-things-todo: I think we'll need to do a 0.41 with the texture issue solved in the mean-time however. Thanks JohnSix for the analysis.

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Jon said:... the textures broke prboom and derivatives...

Yeah setting these to 48 seems to fix prboom as well.
glBoom never seemed to care???

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