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Support for TekWar in XWE?

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I was wondering if support will be added for the game William Shatner's TekWar(a lesser known game that also uses the Build engine of Duke/Blood/Shadow Warrior) in XWE. I messed around with it a bit, so far i can open up the graphics files and view them, but the colors are all screwed up, there just needs to be some way to load in the TekWar palette. There is a file that comes with TekWar called Palette.dat, and i tried to paste that in as a raw data entry, but every time I do that it screws up the wad file. Any suggestions?

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Can you open and view palette.dat as a palette entry in XWE? If so, just select it and in the palette menu pick "use current" and XWE should then use it as the palette for viewing the graphics.

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Rename PALETTE.DAT to PALETTE.DAT.act. Then XWE can open it. It will show you the palette, plus a bunch of other stuff after it. Click Palette|Save As, and save it as a new file with .act extension (e.g. TEKWAR.ACT.

Once you open up this newly saved TEKWAR.ACT file, you can click Palette|Use Current, and it will be fine. You can also use that same file as a PLAYPAL lump.

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