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Fatel Error

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When i was about to play Ultimate doom on Zdoom. I came across this message

R_Installsprite: Sprite CYBR Frame A is missing Rotatations.

Any idea's wtf it is talking about?

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A) he said he was using UDoom and thats a Cyberdemon sprite, so doom2.wad is in no way needed.

B) It would have given the 'omfg I cant find an IWAD ololol' (I'm too lazy to check the actual error) message if no IWAD was there.

Check the IWAD for the sprite with XWE, I'm guessing its for some reason not there.

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Maybe somehow the engine is reading the shareware instead or the commercial wad.

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HobbsTiger1 said:


Ah yes, you are of course correct on both points. It does sound more like a corrupted wad or what Myk suggested.

CYBR frame A should have a full 8 rotations. These are named


Check for the presence and integrity all of these lumps (using XWE or something) and also check to make sure that, somehow, one (or more) of them hasn't ended up being moved outside of the S_START/S_END markers.

Or just try a fresh install of UDoom and copy the WAD to your Zdoom directory.

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