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anyone know what im talking about here?... [splitting files]

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Wincode can do that (amongst many other things).

Actions - Join/Split Files
Click on Split tab, choose file to split, choose Advanced and the Part Size, click "Split".

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BTW, if you're looking to split up a really huge file, you might want to try some other (newer) utility. I've just tested Wincode with a 5 gigabyte file. While it did actually split it OK and was able to recombine it, the division into sections wasn't exactly even (the last section was about 4 gigabytes).

But it works fine for files up to about 1 gigabyte.

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5GB file? Where did that come from?!

Compression apps also let you split files; with WinRAR you can choose what size the parts will be.

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A full size Dual layer DVD Image is 9GB.

I'd recommend WinRAR too. You can set it to no compression if you don't want it compressed.

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To split it on floppies:

split -b 1440b file part

then to recover it elsewhere:

cat part* > file

It works on any unix with GNU tools.

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