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Corrupted Marine

shots from my level

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Corrupted Marine said:

here is another screen that features a new weapon:


this weapon was ripped from another game, and cleaned up to fit the doom palette. turned out very nicely!

Add a trim to that door, it is in desperate need of one.

As for the other screens, well, look around in any building, not just a base, and note the detials. You'll be suprised how much is in there. The candle doesn't suit the area very well either.

the weapon in the third screen doesn't really seem to suit the area, imo, but eh.

Good work sofar.

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Are these shot from Technical Darkness, that project that I was supposed to work on (sorry but a lot has happened in the last few months)? If so how is the project going? How many levels will it be.

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the project is taking many twists and turns, and at the moment hasnt even been touched in a while.

i am going to take an entirely new approach to the project and add some high resolution weapon sprites. but when the project gets underway i will add another thread with some of the shots.

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there were a few, but as of now, the project has died out in the community. i am currently workin on it myself, little bits at a time, but i am going to get the project underway very soon.

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