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Doom'd Marine

Opinion: Does this need more detail?

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this is the first room in my mega wad... I hope i did better than the last time i did one of these topics n.n; Oh; and to clear things up, The room has the same design on the other side... i just couldnt fit the room into one screenshot.

Edit: well... if its got something in it that wouldnt look right or something; Opinions are welcome.. as long as its constructive critisim

Edit 2: Ezxariarch, ist it alright if i burrow some of your modern textures from your wad? >.> ill give you credit for them (duh!)

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dutch devil said:

No imo it has enough detail, those gray wall textures look nice.

thanks, i asked team Tnt if i could use eternal doom textures and they pointed me to the texture pack, so thats where i got them =) >.> <.<

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Oh, this is a double post but i just wanted to say that this is open and what not o.O that it is encouraged to put your opinions for fixing things that arnt right with the room.

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Nightmare Doom said:

[Tormentor667] Needs more Detail [/Tormentor667]

Then again, im not Tormentor667, I dont want to put 3000 sectors into a map, too much detail o_o

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Looks retty decent to me. A few small details wouln't hurt, but it's all based on where you put it. IMO, it looks find and a few clever placement of objects should spice it up just fine (like monsters and lamps).

However, I think you forgot to merge/join some of the sectors in the middile of the map. The one long rectangle has a different floor and ceiling textures from the surrounding sectors.

And yeah, the DE resource pack is...well a resource pack. Just ake whatever you want.

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