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Final DOOM Music

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Does anyone here know where I could download the music from Team TNT's Final DOOM, or somehow obtain it from the existing Final DOOM files on my hard drive? Is there some kind of program that I could use to extract the music lumps from the Final DOOM wad and convert them to a format compatible with my Windows Media Player?

The soundtrack is really quite good, and it seems the composers got a huge amount of inspiration from Bobby Prince. If there's anyone here who hasn't taken the time to really stop and listen to the score, you really should, it's clearly DOOM-type music, without a doubt.

Any advice, links or the like would be greatly appriciated!

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Kristian Ronge said:

Scroll down to "Final Doom". (Note that these tunes are remixed)

Yeah, actually, I've already downloaded all of the OC Remixes of Final DOOM by dj Redlight, TO and the like, that's mainly why I got interested in the Final DOOM score, I heard the remixes and wanted to sample the originals to see the changes.

BTW, ocremix rocks.

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