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Doom Legacy Wads has moved

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Please, move this message if I'm not in the correct forum. Thank you!

I'm proud to advise you that my site dedicated to the port "Doom Legacy" has moved from Newdoom.com to DoomWadStation.com, the site owned by Bob Larkin (aka Sematary).

What does that mean in terms of consequences?
All of my zip files and the site itself are now hosted on the same server, with a high bandwidth.
So, you will have no more to suffer of a long delay to download your files.

Thank you to update your bookmark with these new urls:

Doom Legacy Wads (aka DLW) site :
email: dlw@doomwadstation.com

WARNING: don't use anymore the email address: dlw@newdoom.com, which is no more existing!!!

Thank you!

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Weldone on your site move or something...

I hope you consider upgrading the interface and look of the site at some stage. If the site is any reflection on what I may find on it, then maybe I should stop looking ;)

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Peu importe la bouteille pourvu qu'on ait l'ivresse...
(It does not matter the bottle provided that intoxication is had…)

With nearly 1 million of visits, it seems that the interface didn't stop the users to look at it... ;)

All depends on what you came to seek: the beauty of the bottle or its contents?

That said, I could consider to improve this interface and to make it more simple.
But I have my own forum to answer to this kind of purpose, and here, it's not the place to discuss about it.
Anyway, thank you for your positive comment!

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It is a very easy site to navigate and others will certainly find many useful things.

It's an email received yesterday...
LOL !!!

I'm currently improving it, because I want to give to you, the users, what you expect to find at DLW...

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