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Several questions

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I have several questions.

How to save whacked bex files to deh file. I tried to do that, but it havent option what format work has been saved. ZDoom and doom legacy won't read bex files so that bex to deh is important.

I am making my own megawad, with 32 levels. So what is the good lenght of levels? BTW When I tested level 5 The battlefield just when the level starts that statusbar guys head have this smiley :O. What that means.

Ive heard the ZDoom supports Mp3 format, so question is: How to put Mp3 on wads, or how to make ZDoom play on them.

Can someon give me link to page where is ZDoom levels? I tried google, but give me pages that I all ready know.

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1. If the file was saved from WhackEd in a .bex file format, that means you used the Boom Extensions. ZDoom definitely supports .bex, and as for Legacy, I'm pretty sure it does as well, although I can't verify. If you really must have it in the Ultimate Doom format (and not Boom), then you can just go back into WhackEd and start over. The extension for the most part is irrelevant. You could make a .bex and rename it to .deh, and it would still work properly in ZDoom. The filename extension just denotes that you used Boom Extensions. You should also be able to insert them into your wad with the name DEHACKED, that way you don't have to distribute the patch along with the wad (again this works in ZDoom, but I'm not sure of Legacy).

2. There's nothing holding you to 32 levels exactly. ZDoom can detect many, many more. That just seems to be the standard anymore, since thats the maximum that the original game would support. The problem you are having, is most likely caused by the player starting off in a damaging sector.

3. MP3's work exactly like midi's would. You could rename so they coincide with the default song names, or you could specify them all in the mapinfo.

Btw, if you have any questions concerning ZDoom in specific, you can go to ZDoom.org and click on "Documention". The Wiki should have everything you need concerning whats possible with ZDoom.

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