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Does anyone know if vgmix is even existant anymore? A good number of the remixes on the music page lead there, and it's nothing but a 404.

It stinks like rotten meat, but it looks like vgmix is gone, along with those remixes...

And I want those fraggin' remixes!

does anyone know if they will fix those broken links soon, or is vgmix simply non-existant anymore?

~The Mailman

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From the main vgmix page:

VGMix has database vulnerabilities. Lots of them. We can fix them, given some more time. We have everything we need to identify the exploit in our apache logs, and these are pretty easy holes that can be closed up with a review of the code. But we've been working for months on the new version of the site, and this situation is a HUGE HUGE distraction at a time when we need to be focusing on finishing it. We could spend weeks patching up every one of the hundreds of holes in the old one, but we're just going to replace it all in a few months anyway, so it's a big waste of effort.

All songs are backed up safely, as are the forums, all user accounts, and all reviews. There will be some pruning of any users who have registered but not submitted any posts or songs to the site, but hopefully nothing will be lost and we'll have a library of music to start with. We're doing great financially and will have even more bandwidth and space with a new hosting plan.

I'm incredibly tired of the immaturity in this community. Protricity, gloat and laugh and mock all you like, but this is on you, and you know it. Hope you're satisfied, because now even MORE people despise you.

See you all very, very soon!

P.S. I've heard some people saying that we were lazy or didn't care or were unresponsive to people telling us about our site's bugs, or brushed people off. This could not be further from the truth. The truth is, frankly, we had no clue what the hell deim0s' code did. It was unreadable. We couldn't fix things unless we totally redid the site from scratch, and a ground-up recode became a completely new site in a matter of weeks of brainstorming. So no, we didn't lazily give up on a broken site. We refused to patch a high-school kid's spaghetti code, and experienced feature bloat over 2 years in our design. Now that we have Richter and Gulopine planning the HELL out of our classes and templating, this won't happen again -- we can add features, fix things, and plug holes very easily, with clean and readable code. Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it.

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Ralphis said:

Some dude who didn't hack it "hacked it" and everyone flipped out. So, we have to wait.

Was it deathz0r?

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deathz0r said:

Damn straight it was!

I'm from the Geek Squad, you're under arrest.

Geek Squad enforcement...lol, that'll be the day!

Well, they do drive around in those stupid black and white beetles and wear security guard-ish clothes, I guess all they need now is a gun, or a BFG...

Anyway, congrats on your hacker status Death.

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