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How to make ZDoom levels?

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So I've been making regular Doom 2 maps with DoomBuilder for a while (haven't released anything though, they're crap) and now I'd like to try making levels for ZDoom, with the slopes and all.
I'm probably an idiot but I can't figure out how to set up DoomBuilder properly. When I load that slopes.wad from ZDoom tutorials page as ZDoom (Doom in Doom format) it's screwed up, lines are missing etc. When I load it in Doom in Hexen format, it works ok and the line properties dialog window is different also, but the textures are (obviously) missing. I don't have Hexen. How do I make it so that I can make Doom levels in ZDoom format? Thanks already.

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i dont know anything about zdoom editing as of yet, but iv run into similer problems when loading zdoom maps too
even with ones that have the textures inside there own wad :)

i think its a bug with doombuilder, but a way around it would be to just load the same wad when it asked you to provide a custom texture wad

i should also say, alot of zdoom wads use doom in hexen format too like you saw :) just make sure you load them with that config

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patte said:

I don't have Hexen.

You don't need it. Maps in ZdoomHexen format are not Hexen maps and they do not need anything from Hexen to work. ZdoomHexen maps are Doom maps that use the Hexen map format. This allows them to have additional line parameters, Z coordinates on things, scripts and many other features. If you have an existing map in Doom format, you can convert it to ZdoomHexen format using the zwadconv tool available from ther Zdoom site.

I'm not sure which slope demo you mean, but the missing textures may not be due to not having resources loaded. Quite commonly people do not put textures on lines that are going to slope. That's because when the line slopes, the part of the line with the missing texture will be hidden when the floor is adjusted to meet its neighbour. Personally, I usually put textures on simply to suppress error messages when checking the level.

As for setting up DB, I don't know because I don't use it, but someone here will be able to help.

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