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Koko Ricky

Save issues with Gzdoom

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Sometimes all my save slots disappear, then they'll suddenly reappear. There's no telling when they will. What accounts for this? I also notcied when I last upgraded to the latest version, it wiped out all my save slots.

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this question might get a better response over at the gzdoom page http://grafzahl.drdteam.org/

as for save games, sometimes when releasing a new version, it will break save games :) and you will have to use the older version if you wish to use them

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Are you shifting folders around? This can make save games disappear.

Save games from my Doom95 dont work with Legacy so I put them in thier own folder until I want to play them. Legacy saves also have thier own folder.

Legacy reads the Doom95 games but wont let me load them. So I just shift all of them in and out of the main folder for when i need them.

You can make alot of save games this way and not just 6. Each folder can hold 6 save games. Label each folder for a port and certain iwad, you can have almost endless game saves.

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Are you opening whatever wad files you're playing from a different folder? If so, you might want to explicitly tell GZDoom where your savegames should be stored by looking for this line in your INI file:


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