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Scourge: Lunar Eclipse Info/Beta Testers Wanted

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Scourge is upon us; With the failure of the future and apocalyptic horror iminent, the members of TeamKill are looking for about 5 beta testers for closed testing (in other words, the files and information you receive are to be given to NO ONE, should you be accepted as a tester).

Scourge: Lunar Eclipse is a 10 map project for JDoom, using Doom 2 as for it's Iwad. The mappers are DJ Haruko, Melfice, and Dittohead. Originally to be 12 maps, the team members have had real life becoming more and more problematic for making 12 maps. However, the maps which are complete are going to be released, with Map 10: Domination, being the last map of this project. Each map has its own soundtrack which was composed by DJ Haruko and Melfice themselves. It ranges from dark and ambient to synth-pop (well, just one map) and heavy rock. It is a very dark project, with atmosphere and classic Doom gameplay being the focus. SLE ultizilizes the particle engine so that throughout the project are various things, including sparks, lava particles, etc. It also uses basic colors and effects to make an almost Doom 64-esque atmosphere in some places. SLE is truly as close to hell as you will come in JDoom.

Be advised that if you are considering to beta test SLE, it would be wise to be on a high-speed connection (DSL or faster), as you will be receiving the version of SLE which contains the mp3 soundtrack. Also expect to spend up to an hour in some of the maps, as while this project only contains 10 maps, they are very, very large maps (Map06 and Map08 are both nearly 2mb in file size, with the others following closely behind).

If you are interested in beta testing, send an email to xenphire@gmail.com to contact Melfice, who is in charge of recruiting people from the Doom community to beta test.

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Dittohead said:

How about some screenshots and a little more detail? ;)

edit: heh.

Just so it doesn't look like I'm a spambot :P

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