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Various DooM Addon Music Wads

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Ya know, I've been playing Eternal DOOM and Final DOOM: Evilution for quite awhile now, I know where to find the Evilution mp3 downloads, but I need to find a way to listen to the Eternal soundtrack in a manner that would allow me to burn it onto a CD.

Is there any way to attain the Eternal DOOM soundtrack in a format that would be playable on my Windows Media Player?

I'm no techie, and I know very little, so please take it easy on the techie talk, as I will be lost.

Everytime I try to extract the music from the wads using some cockeyed program, I end up FUBARing the whole thing!

Any help would be greatly apriciated!

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The music for Doom is in MIDI format. On different computers, you will notice that the music sounds different because each computer has it's own MIDI instruments. For example, the MIDI guitar on your cell phone sounds different than the MIDI guitar on your computer. There is no way to burn MIDI because MIDI isn't audible music, it's actually sheet music that computers read. If you do want to play Doom music, you'd have to play the MIDI files and record it from your speakers with a microphone.

If you want it in real audio, there are millions of covers out there. I, for example, can play d_dead, d_e1m1 (properly), d_e1m4, d_e1m5, d_e1m8, d_e2m2, d_e3m3, d_e3m8, d_runnin and d_victor (sort of). I'm also composing an whole new soundtrack with my band Knee Deep In The Dead which is actually just me with an additional singer in real, mp3 format.

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Sounds awesome, thanks alot.

Before reading your reply, I was aware that somehow MIDI was different from other forms of audio, I just wasn't quite sure how. I was perplexed by how the quality of the tracks would be drastically altered when played on a different computer. I remember how (relitively) beautiful it sounded on my grandmother's computer, but how nausiatingly disgusting it sounded on my uncle's.

Your help is greatly appriciated, I am aware of the tons of remixes, covers, conversions and whatnot availiable. I just cannot, for the life of me, find any burnable formats of the Eternal DOOM soundtrack!

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