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CFG Question

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I'm editing the GZDoom.cfg off of the GZDoom site so it works with Heretic but I need some help here...when I start up Doom Builder I get an error message...but here's the .cfg in case...
It get's an error in "Line 8"

          Doom Builder Game Configuration for GZDoom
Modified ZDoom (Doom in Hexen Format) by Todd "WastedYouth" Nickens
Modified GZDoom .cfg by KoF to work with Heretic.

// This is required to prevent accedential use of a different configuration
type = "Doom Builder Game Configuration";

// This is the title to show for this game
game = "GZDoomHeretic";

// Map format determines the way the map will be loaded
mapformat = 2;

// No generalized types
generalizedlinedefs = 0;
generalizedsectors = 1;

// Engine specific features
zdoomslopes = 1;

// Thing number for start position in 3D Mode
start3dmode = 32000;

// Load textures/flats by default from this file
texturesfile = "";

// Default lump name for new map
defaultlumpname = "";

// Default flags for first new thing
defaulthingflags = 999;

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