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Is there a video of the recammed D2DQ anywhere

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I don't think so.
I've never seen it. There was talk at Machinima, but nothing came of it. probably because it is very hard to capture software mode.
Prboom supports mbf functions, I would think Andrey could make this work if he wanted to... (no source available for timer or tasmbf though...)
Have you tried it without sound?

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Linguica said:

Because I would like to watch it again and the old DOSDoom exe doesn't play well with XP.

give dosbox a shot. It's only slow if your computer sucks (my comp can emulate a pentium 90 pretty well tho)

and of course, if you have a 64-bit windows, your only choice is dosbox anyway

or chocolate doom

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No, D2DQ uses a custom executable based off DOSDoom 0.45 (I think) which made the recamming possible. So I can't use MBF or Chocolate Doom or whatever.

I will try DOSBox... otherwise I could maybe use 2 computers to play it and capture the video directly, I don't know. It would be nice to put it up on Google Video or something though.

edit: It runs in DOSBox well enough (I think) but the sound is crapola, ugh.

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Opulent said:

I could record the sound if you like.

Um... sure I guess...

I hope you don't mean playing the demo in prboom or what have you and recording the sound, because then it would be from the player perspective and wouldn't match up with the recamming.

edit: I just tried on my old crappy Win98 laptop and it plays perfectly fine. Now if I can only find a way to somehow record video from the laptop onto another computer...

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