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Help and Suggestions for Greenwar2!

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Well, some of you might remember that a megawad titled Greenwar was released a few years ago. Well, of course I want Greenwar2 to be better: playwise and visually/atmospherically. Greenwar wasn't the most detailed or modern looking megawad (which I think hampered its popularity), so I'd really like Greenwar2 to look as impressive as it plays. So I am asking members of the community who are good at detailing maps to help me out. Some of you have helped me out in the past, which I am very grateful for, and I of course would appreciate your help again.

Also, any suggestions on how I can make Greenwar2 better than Greenwar! For example, someone complained of two few dm starts in some maps of Greenwar.



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Oh hey, you still exist? Sweet :D

I'd help, but I've got a backlog of nearly 100 maps that need detailing if I ever felt like I needed to detail a map.

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maximi munkitus said:

make new difficulties:
I'm too n00b to die
Hey, not so fast
I hurt plenty


You mean diff. difficulties so weapons are easier to get? So like on easier difficulties they'll always be a bfg to grab nearby? Could have bigger power ups too on the easier skills -such as soulphere and mega armor.

Is this what you mean?

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you goofis. Well, actually, I'm glad you made mention of the easter egg... because it's always been a small dream of mine to publish a megawad that had little secrets or oddities (or easter egg) that people would have to find or that they'd notice after awhile of playing a map over and over. So, yeah, look for something like that when I release it.

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999cop said:

remember to include plasma rifle and BFG :p

Almost every level had a plasma rifle in Greenwar. More maps will have bfg in Greenwar2.

What sections from doom should I edit this time into dm maps? I love doing that - I was having a blast watching some Russians and Czecs (sp?) suddenly don't know how to spell that - playing the e1m4 map from greenwar. I always liked that one.

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I was just playing Greenwar and realized that a lot of my lifts and stuff are too difficult to recognize! I think there are weapons and things you have not found while playing, which is my fault. For example , map29, fun map if I may say so myself! heh, I never play greenwar, so I don't even know what is good and not good about it - the map that is all whitish gray -there are three lifts, one with plasma, one with green armor and one with rocket launcher but they are hidden. Each is in one of the three rooms (elevated areas surrounded by windows)

Also, map28, the metal column support - is a lift - dunno if you knew that either - maybe I should rerelease greenwar with clearer marked lifts and such and overall improved detailing. TOO MuCH WORK! heh - if someone wanted to help me though - man it is late and I am rambling and prolly make little sense.

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hey Hellbent, sorry for last time. I think I just got lost into other things. I still want to help you with detailing the maps. :)

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