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peach freak

Linedef Questions

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I have a few questions about Linedefs that sort of confuse me.

First off, what does it mean to flag a linedef as secret? I know that you need to flag a sector as secret, but what does it do for a linedef? Like if you put a linedef in a secret sector and mark it as secret, would you need to cross that line to get credit for a secret even if you did step into the sector?

Also, what does it mean to make a linedef "Hidden" or "Shown"? I've never used these before.


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A "secret" lindef appears as a normal 1 sided wall on the automap. That way you can use it to hide secret doors on the automap by making them look like regular walls. Also (IIRC) monsters will not activate doors flagged as secret.

I'm not sure about the terms "hidden" and "shown", but I think you are probably referring to the flags that will hide a line from the automap - ie it never appears on the automap even once you have seen the wall or picked up a computermap powerup (but the IDDT cheat will show it). I think by "shown" you mean the flag that makes a line appear on the automap as if you had seen it, right from the moment you start the map, even if you haven't actually seen the line yet.

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