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Corrupted Marine

The Corruption Project..... looking for impclaw....

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Last time i checked with impclaw, i sent him the final graphics wad, and he told me that the project only had 1 level before it was complete... however, i have yet to hear from him, and noone seems to know what has happened to the corruption project.

do any of you here know where the files are, or know where a beta test version is or sumthing, so that i can try to finish it myself.

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Damn, I lost the password to the server. Pity because I did have access to the files :(

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well... the password fits, but for some reason, the page will not display.... if i type in a different password, it just says "Invalid Password" but when i type in the one i have, it just takes me to a page that cannot display.

Nmn, can i email u the password and let u try it out?

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