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you dont, thats determined by what map slot your map uses 01-11 uses sky1 12-20 uses sky2 and so on. of course, you can change this when your done your wad with xwe

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If you're making a map for ZDoom, just use the MAPINFO lump. Otherwise do what Xtife said or import your own skies.

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It depends on what port(s) you're designing the map for:

MBF-compatible ports allow the sky to be changed on a per-sector basis using the 271 (transfer first sidedef's upper texture to tagged sectors' skies) and 272 (same as 271, only flipped horizontally, like Doom's sky textures are) linedef types. (This includes most Boom-compatible ports that have been updated since MBF came out, including PrBoom 2.2 and 2.3.)

Eternity also has an EMAPINFO lump similar to ZDoom's MAPINFO where the sky can be set for the whole level.

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