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AMWAM Wads Project - Progress Thread

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Hi there folks, I am relatively new to doom mapping and have decided to start a small project with the goal of producing a few quality maps that might later be thrown into a single wad.

A couple of months ago I made my first wad that I felt was of enough quality to realese. I recieved some feedback on these forums from a few helpful posters and uploaded the level ( If anyone wants to play it, the file is hosted at aadoom.8m.com )

Since that last mapping effort I have honed my craft somewhat and I feel now that my latest creations are much improved. Here are a few early screenshots of the first level for your viewing pleasure.

This level should be ready in about a week or so, give or take. The aim is to have a level every month but obviosly that is not set in stone and is subject to change. Anyways, chew on those screens for now and I should have something to show in a week, at which time I will need a few objective playtests.

Bye for now...

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Thanks for the encouragement everyone.

Dutch Devil, I just downloaded "The Watchtower" without any problems, so I don't know what the issue is. Don't worry though, you are not missing out on anything too incredibly spectacular.

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Alright, here is the level

I was not completely satisfied how this level was turning out so it is shorter than originally planned. Some things might need to be tweaked slightly still and I might add some more to the end, but the wad right now is not without merit.

Give it a go and tell me what you think. Ciao...

Oh yeah, its for zdoom.

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well, I guess nobody tried that level.

No worries though I have been working on something new and have decided not to add anything to that last level, so take it for what its worth, a learning experience.

Here are a few new screens of the newest level:

Until next time...

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