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Slobodan Milosevic Dies In Prison Cell

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Nautilus said:

After all he got away with everything before justice was served.

Yeah, but he simply died of natural causes. Granted, a heart-attack is still a painful way to die, it's still a bit lenient for someone like him.

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Scuba Steve said:


That is too lenient, duh. He should've been put on the rack. Also, you can't forget alligator clips on the nipples. That'll learn 'em.

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dutch devil said:

How is that possible our prison cells are like hotel rooms.

The nicest hotel room in the world won't help you when you have a heart condition and are denied treatment.

Good riddance anyway.

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fodders said:

Of course now there's accusations that he was poisoned :)

Darryl Hannah poisoned his fish-heads for taking her eye.

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well if your in the way of believing in souls and afterlife and stuff, then good ol' slobbo is getting his final justice.

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