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Duct Tape

Door texture won't show up

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I'm using Doom Builder and I'm making a map in ZDoom (Doom in Hexen) format. I've made a door and it works, but instead of showing the texture I placed for it, it just shows an imprint of my screen until I open it. For example, if I'm looking at it and I move, my gun leaves trails. It's a generic door, double-sided, lower unpegged, repeatable action, with a front and back upper texture of SKINSYMB. What am I doing wrong?

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Uh..make sure that the two linedefs on which you assigned that upper texture are pointing outwards to the direction from which the player will be approaching the door.
If one of them is not facing outwards, then you'll have to flip it around.

Also each linedef has two sidefs (one for each side). So check that the sidedefs to which you assigned the texture are the ones which face outwards towards the player.

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Does it show the texture as it opens or does it remain transparent?

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