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Steve, don't eat it!

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Reminds me when I worked in a Mc Donald's, he he he...

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Below is a "beauty shot" of just one of the 106 pupae found in the can. Mmmm. Is it me, or does that penny suddenly look delicious?

Biggest LOL all month.

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baronofhell said:

"If you've ever smelled a can of dog food, it's just like that."

Actually, dog food smells pretty good in imo.

well he eats some of that too anyways :P

also has anyone seen that Dave Chappelle episode where he plays P. Diddy on a fake Making The Band and makes the people get him Cambodian breast milk?

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AirRaid said:

This is like one of the oldest things ever.

I'm glad I'm not alone in thinking that. It's still pretty funny, though.

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I always wondered what people in the silk industry do with the cooked pupae they have left over from the silk production.

This is apparantly one of the answers.

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