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Does anyone have the unconverted Ogro texture set?

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I'd be glad if someone could help me get the original Ogro texture set (not the one that's been converted for Doom, I know where to find that). I want to have them available for Hexen and would like them to have undergone as few pallete adaptations as possible.

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Draconio said:

Excellent, thanks. Luckily I did still have an old account that I could log in on.

Can you share them somewhere else? Rapidshare.de?

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I've got another request. There was a Quake texture pack called "Knave" by someone called Kell. This person used to have a website called "Signs of Koth", but the site is down now and I can't find the texture set anywhere. I'd really appreciate it if someone can help me get a hold of it again.

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