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Halls of the Blind

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Ahoy mateys.

Firstly, I must say that this is a top-notch community and site. Doomworld has been quite informative and helpful to all my Doom needs. I've been lurking around Doomworld for maybe 2-3 years, and the site as a whole really has helped me.

I became interested in Doom Builder in the summer of '05, and I attempted many times to make a level. Finally, I think I have something worth mentioning. But, I am incredibley slow when it comes to editing. Some people can make a couple maps in a day. I can make a pillar and maybe a stairway. (expect this map to be released shortly after Mordeth) But nevertheless, I'm still trying at it, and I'm having some fun. My project is entitled "Halls of the Blind", due to the shadowy/dark areas.

Some screenshots:

Starting area
Starting area, different angle

As you can see, there isn't anything remarkable quite yet. I've got a total of about 6 rooms. Anyway... Does anyone have any constructive criticism or comments to help me out? I figure that more detail overall is needed. Perhaps brightening up the place some more, also. But again, your confirmation is helpful!

Thanks again!

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Don't be obsessed with all that "needs more detail" shit. If it looks good and plays well, that's all that matters. From what you've shown, it looks like you're doing quite an okay job. I think interesting architecture owns detail, in the sense that everybody associates detail with. Also, try to deviate from the Hall-Room-Room-Hall-Room thing that many people are so intent to stick to. Do something unique, make your project stand out from the masses, make us remember your wad.

Just keep up the work, and make sure it's fun to play. Gameplay should be your main focus, in my opinion.

By the way, welcome to Doomworld. Even if you're not really new, you're still a new face.

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