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Demon Eclipse Updated Beta Wad Release

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This a beta test for my project so far. You will need Gzdoom or Zdoom 96x in order to get this to work. To load the wads, do it through windows' RUN features. DO NOT USE launchers becuase, for some reason, it doesn;t load the wads correctly.


C:/doom2/Zdoom -file de-text.wad de-mons.wad de-weap.wad de-obj.wad de-items.wad de-misc.wad de-snd.wad de-ep1.wad de-ep2.wad

Not all the maps has been finished. Mapes worked by on Kirby and Tormentor was not yet finished, so they are not yet in the wad. All the stuff in here are just the things that I've made. This is mostly a resource wad, but I thought some levels displaying the new stuff would be helpful.

Download Link: http://rapidshare.de/files/15300078/DE-Package.zip.html


-Fixed Various bugs mentioned within each map and added some details.
-Fixed BloodOrb weapon no regenerating ammo correctly.
-Fixed Big of not being able to select Rocket Launcher and Plasmagun.
-Added 4 new monsters (Cyber Annihilator, Spider Demolisher, Fallen, and Diabloist)
-Made the Hellstaff fire faster and change it's powered up mode.
-Did some minor tinkering with other decorate files to make it more efficient.
-Seperated main wads into seperate wad; one for textures and flats, monsters, weapons, sounds, items, scenery objects, and miscellaneous stuff. This makes updating easier as well asl allowing people to find things they need better.
I've removed the Map40 from the map for now, since it caused various crashes from time to time. SO to see the new monsters, just type in 'Summon' or 'summonfriend' and put in the following.

-Hellsmith2 (hellsmith's second form)

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Downloading, I'll post some comments in a while :-)

Edit: Invalid zip file, damn, I'll try again later.

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Can't get it to run on Zdoom96 or 98 either. Bombs out with a bunch of different errors on both versions on my PC. Says it somekind of a script error on line 41.

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@Eriance: ZDL3 works perfectly fine for me :) and I just love the monsters and the mapping style you worked with for both episodes :D

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I got it. I'm really amazed by the quality of this, you did an excelent work, I love it. Everything kick ass, it's the kind of mod that I'd pay for.

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