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Looking for a Cthulhu inspired wad

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I've been looking for a wad that was a minimod and inspired by the Cthulhu mythos. The level took place at a mansion, where you searched the house until you found a hidden room that took you to Cthulhu's underground lair. You then had to lure Cthulhu out into the mansion where he would get trapped in a room and you had to use a crushing ceiling to kill him.

The wad had many dehacked changes. Some of the weapons were replaced with notes that described the story to you or had information on them but were hard to read. The only actual weapon was a revolver, I think. The revolver couldn't kill Cthulhu, but there might have been other monsters in the level that I have forgotten about. The name of the zip file was cthulu.zip, atleast according to a forum search where another member had posted the file, but took it down long ago. I searched /idgames and Google with no luck. I can't remember where I found the wad, as it has been ages since I've last played it.

If anyone can has the file or knows where to get it, I would appreciate it! Thanks in advance.

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I've played Beyond Kadath, and it's not the wad file I'm looking for. It is good, though.

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Nobody? I got all excited when I read that description :(

Beyond Kadath was pretty good and fairly Lovecraftian in places (particularly the beginning where you discover the secret research room). The maze stunk, though.

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