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Koko Ricky

Best attempts at realism

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What are the best "realistic" wads you've played? And by realistic I'm not necessarily referring to oodles of detail and fancy lighting, but moreso architecture that attempts to mimic real life, to an extent. For instance, a techbase map that tries to emulate how the author figured an actual base on Phobos or Deimos might have looked. Also, suburban or city levels, castles, mansions, etc. Basically, levels that seem to have a resemblance to something rather than just being a fancy set of rooms and corridors.

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It's old, but Doomcity.wad still shines as a good example to me. TVR! is also quite good for this (especially map03)

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I played some of the kzdoom wads, the arcitecture is simply beautyful compared to doom itself...

I especially remember one of the maps, as having a huge forest, underground caverns, and a big castle...that map was so fuckin good that I consider porting it to hexen just to make a kickass "hack-and-slash-gore-fest-map" =)

Heres a link


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