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Porting WADs

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How much work would be involved in converting UD maps into D2 ones?
- Change the WAD properties from EXMX to MAPXX
- Check for UD's extra textures
- ?

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I believe there are already a few Doom to Doom II converters already out there. Also I think someone released a wad that adds all the Doom textures to Doom II.

Try looking on the idgames archive, or possibly even googling something like "doom to doom2 level converter".

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I know it's an old crappy engine, but the d!zone frontend lets you convert. it's a commercial product, so you would probably have to find a cheap copy on ebay. the bonus with that is that you get a whole crap load of '94 wads, some of which are good, most of which are hillariously crap-tastic.

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