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Looking for deathmatch megawads MSA Doom and JWango

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I'm looking for both of these wads:

MSA Doom was a deathmatch megawad for ZDoom, with the backstory that the players are violent prisoners sent to a maximum security complex on an island, where they fight each other for entertainment purposes. There were a lot of different areas, I remember in particular an arena on the top of some skyscrapers, a wilderness area, a MAP01 clone called "The Mimic", and one map that had a huge statue of the Q3A Doomguy. Most if not all of the maps used ZDoom features like fog, spawning items, and so on. There were several altered graphics, including black gloves on the weapon sprites, and the helmet bonus looked like the Doomguy's helmet. There was also a .MOD soundtrack for the background music. All told the filesize was quite large.

The JWango (Yes, that's JWango with a J, not DWango) wads were also deathmatch wads. There were at least two that I remember, JWango13 and JWango15, but that numbering makes me suspect there could have been others. The maps were mostly taken from other wads, particularly the DWango series, but they usually had a lot of changed textures and other alterations. One of the maps I recall was an adaptation of a Quake 1 map. There were a ton of graphics and sounds added. One or both of them had a BFG ball that flashed different chaotic colors as it flew. One of them (JWango15 I think) had a player sprite that looked like a ninja. There were some HacX weapon sprites in there too if I recall correctly.

I'd appreciate if anyone can help me find these, particularly the MSA Doom one.

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MSA Doom:
It changed it's name, it's now called Omega DooM
Download it here:
The link to the page where the name change is announced, is here:

... And here is the former homepage:


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