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minor bug: select, load, magic new selection

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1. load a wad
2. select some part of the map, e.g. some lines or sectors
3. load a wad

parts of the second map (in the same region) will be selected by default. though nothing fatal seems to happen.

the above steps, however were not my full steps only an assumed set of steps, what i actually do is

1. load a megawad
2. select a map
3. select some sectors or lines
4. copy
5. load same magawad
6. select a different map

(7. click in empty space to unselect the new magic selection)
(8. paste my copied sectors)

which reminds me, when moving lines and/or sectors it's be nice if there was a simple way of being able to select the things too. but it's not a biggy by any means

keep up the excelent work!

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