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Shiny new game - Infinity

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I was browsing through ModDB and happened to come accross a feature article about this exceptionally cool game being developed. It's called Infinity: Quest for the Earth, and I would consider it to be a close spiritual successor to Elite, one of my all time favourite games. Unlike Elite, however, this has phenominal graphics and it's also an online game. From what I've read so far, it sounds too good to be true:

Here's a link to the Article:

The mod page itself:

And the project's homepage:

Be sure to check out the video. It's ~39mb, not ideal for slower connections, but definitely worth the wait. It looks stunning.

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If its only planets and terrain, its not very interesting. Screenshot-worthy at best, but not anything i'd play for more than a few minutes. I hope they are taking this to the next level and generate cities, people, vegetables and building interior by algorythms and make an actual game out of that... now that would be interesting :)

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