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Final new features for 3.33.33

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First off, note that the next version of Eternity will be 3.33.33, not 3.33.03 as was previously planned. This is because this next upcoming release represents one of the largest efforts ever put into a single release of the engine, rivaling the amount of work done on the port to SDL.

The final two new features to be implemented have been completed, and were based on user requests generated after 3.33.02 release:

1. The sound volume for MIDI music will now be set to zero when the game is paused and then subsequently restored to its previous setting, due to the fact SDL_mixer still cannot properly pause MIDI music under Windows.

2. Automatic allocation of DeHackEd numbers for things, frames, and sounds in EDF. This means that now if you want to use these objects with parameterized codepointers or inside other structures that convert them into their DeHackEd number, you no longer need to give them a unique number yourself. The engine begins assigning dehacked numbers starting at D_MAXINT (0x7fffffff on 32-bit machines) and working down toward 0. It will not try to assign a number already used by the EDF author, and if a number can't be assigned (which is virtually impossible), a suitable default is still substituted as was the case before.

This last change will remove a major irritant in the authoring of EDF and nearly obsoletes user interaction with DeHackEd numbers completely.

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Quasar said:
2. Automatic allocation of DeHackEd numbers for things, frames, and sounds in EDF.

Hell yes! :)

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