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Louigi Verona

Ocean Base

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Weird is good!

Nice enough map (albeit a little plain), but two comments:

1. I didn't understand the logic behind the colour-coding of doors. Doors requiring a key were unmarked and marked doors didn't need one. Presumably it was showing what key lay ahead, but I don't feel this works.

2. It is quite easy to exit this map Pacifist-style in under a minute. By staying quiet, the player can avoid being bothered by all the monsters that are meant to teleport in. If you don't want this to be the case, then I'd suggest forcing the player to fire at something early on (e.g. a switch that needs to be shot, or having a monster firmly blocking the player's path at some point).

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the player IS forced to shoot former humans in those areas. he may not do so and just run through, but later teleports WILL work anyway, since more monsters arrive and the player triggers every teleport anyway.

as for the doors colors - yeah, that is a bit messy. But here I had a choice - design or meaning? Since Doom tells you with messages what key does the door need anyway, I chose design :)
Of course, some ppl turn messages off...

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I don't think you understand what Grazza meant.

I made a UV speed/pacifist run in 0:54 to demonstrate. I just run through without firing any shots at all, and thereby avoid having to deal with any teleporting monsters.

The demo will run fine with doom2.exe, Eternity, Chocolate Doom, or PrBoom.

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funny thing. haven't watched the demo yet, but now I see what you mean... well, I honestly never thought that it was possible. At least not when you play the level for the first time - then you will probably shoot former humans and trigger the monsters...

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