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XWE, Black Metal Doom

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I am working on my own doom-mod, with maps, textures, sprites and everything.. For the moment, I'm making the maps in DB, and doing the sprites and textures in paint, just to test it out though.

My problem is that everytime I open my wad-file, the ghaingun-sprites is set to type 37, image. I wrote the name of the sprites just the same as in the doom2.wad, but still this keeps going on...

I haven't been able to test out the wad, since I haven't any textures ready yet, only one map, a test map, and no sounds and music. But will the sprite-to-image-problem effect the chaingun in the game?

And one more thing, the music I found out that doom is using, is wave, but I have made a lot of midi-files, for the music. Does that mean that the music is not played properly in the game??

Help me out, guys...

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The "type" in XWE means nothing. Ignore it. XWE's supposed to recognize what the content of the lump is, but it does not always do this, so sometimes you sounds that are recognized as graphics, or whatever. Again, ignore it.

The offset of the image does matter though, but only for sprites and some menu graphics. Be sure you adjust this for your new chaingun sprites (although XWE will automatically attempt to set it).

Also be sure you stick your lumps between appropriate markers for patches, sprites, and flats.

The original Doom uses a format called .mus, which is essentially a different type of the midi format. The original game, afaik, cannot play wave sounds as music, although some of the more advanced ports like ZDoom, can. Also worth mentioning, many (if not all?) ports can play midi, even the original .exe's. Doom95 is the only one I can think of which cannot. Usually though, it does not hurt to convert midis to .mus.

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