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Need a SWF Shape to BMP converter

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Well, i've been looking for a reliable SWF Shape to BMP converter, but I havent found one, not one at all. It's rather annoying for me to go steal resources out of a SWF using a viewer, then printscreen and paste it somewhere else. Sure it can be done, but it's a good bit of work.

Anyone know of any SWF decoders that will export shapes to BMPs, or some other way to do it? It'd help immensely if someone knew. :|

EDIT: Upon something someone said in #zdoom, I found out my SWF resource viewer lets me export to a FLA file, but I have no way to edit it, shitsicles.

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AndrewB said:

Printscreen -> Start -> Run -> mspaint -> ctrl-v

/useless response

Do you realise I had said that in my first post?

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