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The custom missle attack EDF pointers "MissileAttack" and "MissileSpread" have the option to move the projectile up the Z axis. Unfortunately, the projectile's path is only adjusted after targetting. This means that with a Z axis correction of, say, +32 the projectile will always just whisk over the player's head without ever hitting him.

I think it would be better if not only the point of origin, but also the targetting is adjusted. So, the path of the projectile is calculated from a position of Z+32 towards the player.

Is this possible?

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No this is a bug of the original DOOM engine. Z momentum for projectiles is calculated using the z positions of the target and source instead of the target's middle and the projectile. This is why monsters always aim at your feet when shooting from below and miss if there's any kind of ledge in front of you.

I'm sure it could be fixed, but it would require a new comp flag and I'm not feeling that motivated right now. Talk to me again after 3.33.33 release.

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