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Frederick the Great

Levels of Architecture

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Phobos:Anomaly Reborn, Deus Vult, Equinox, and Vrack all have great detail and architecture.

As for certain kinds of architecture, I would go with Gothic DM for Gothic and Eternal Doom (later levels) for Midieval.

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Batman DOOM

Action DOOM

Null Space

I can't remember more at the moment.

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Don't know if Hexen is your deal, but you might want to keep an eye on our team's next project - while most work on the Arena mod, work on the maps has begun, and the aim is at "realistic" medieval set.

Check more pics here http://www.korax-heritage.com/ - On the main page, scroll down and there's a news article with more pics. Maybe I should move my lazy corpse and add much more pics from several other maps in construction...

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