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A little more personality.

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What if your monsters could be a little more than they are? Instead of just running after you and shooting you? I did it. I have a bad guy that does the following:
Stand guard, blocking your path, upon seeing you he says something along the lines of "Only clearance level two are allowed beyong this point" When you walk up next to him, He hurts you and says "step back or I will kill you". You fire upon him for awhile, and he grows weary of you pathetic attempts to kill him and says "That's it you son of a b*tch" and proceeds to come after you while shooting. From there on he is like a normal monster. I'm working on a simple base level which will be like two or three rooms, just as a display of what I did. When I'm finished, which will probably be tomorrow, depending on if I'm in the mood for doom editing tonight. I will reply to this post with details of where to download the wad, and exactly what I did. (It'll be much easier to understand if you're looking at the wad in db while reading the text.)
Reply if you're interested.

Also, if you hate scripting as much as I do, you'll be happy to know that it does not involve any scripting whatsoever.

..Aaaand, It will only work in the latest version of zDoom (2.0 I believe)


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Sounds very interesting, I'm sure that Frederick the great will find it usefull for his upcoming realistic Berlin maps.

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