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Louigi Verona

Marble Level

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Has some cool ideas. I liked the raising/lowering platform room. It was definitely easy but fun.

The texturing needs alot of work, though. You shouldn't have the baron face marble texture on every wall. Have them only appear sometimes. In the platform room, the blood textures are even on the entrance. Doesn't look too great.

Overall I think you've got alot of promise. Keep working at it!

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Generally, I am eager to sit down at all the maps I presented you, including this one, and redo some things. So you can be quite specific.

I like that advice on marble face, although there is this problem with the texture - the marble wall without the face has a slighly different pattern on the edges... I've tried some stuff, but eventually decided to leave as it is...

As for the blood texture, I'll see that entrance issue.

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