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This Friday is the Skulltag Domination Project Release Party!

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You heard it! This Friday's Friday Night Fragfest will be the official release party for the Community Domination Project! Expect a link to download it Friday morning!

This incredible wad features:

* A new game mode! Domination!
* 8 fantastic maps in a variety of sizes so groups of 16 or more can have a blast as well as smaller groups of only 4!
* ACS like you've never seen in a multiplayer map before!
* Lots of new textures and music!

The Domination Game Mode:

This game mode is really quite simple. There are various domination "points" on each of the maps, indicated by a giant beam of light. If nobody controls the point then the light is white. To take "control" of the point simply walk over it and the light will change to your team's colour. (Either red or blue)

Every 5 seconds your team gets 1 point for every domination point that you control. So if blue controls 1 domination point and red controls 2, then for that "tick" blue scores 1 point and red scores 2.

The game ends when the server's pointlimit is reached. We've found 100 points to be a good pointlimit usually but the server can set whatever it wants.


MAP01 - Friday Night Domination by Aabra

MAP02 - Luna Domination by Rivecoder

MAP03 - City of the Dominated by Zalewa

MAP04 - Alice by Aabra

MAP05 - Death Ridge by Rottking

MAP06 - Voices of Agony by Zalewa

MAP07 - Zillion by Maniac

MAP08 - Alinealus by El Rodo


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Zalewa seriously grew in his mapping abilities. Cheers to him from an old friend ;) !

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Have you thought about remaking canalzon (Quake TF map based on the same concept) for this?

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Bucket said:

Wait... I thought STO was dead?
*mouse hovers over 'uninstall zdaemon'*

Skulltag Online was just a front-end like Doom Connector. Skulltag is still alive; just use the bundled version of Internet Doom Explorer to browse games.

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